For Partners

OÜ GS Core is a group company of the Swedish financial holding company “Marginalen AB”, which offers its cooperation partners to take over receivables accumulated in the balance sheet of your company as a result of cession transactions.

Cession is the quickest way to convert receivables on a company’s balance sheet into cash and invest it in the company’s future development or other purposes.

When executing cession transactions:

  • Administration costs related to the monitoring of debt amounts and control of the debt recovery process are significantly reduced
  • Provisions for doubtful debtors do not have to be made for cessioned debt amounts
  • VAT paid in advance may be recovered from the State for the amounts cessioned
  • As a result of the cession transaction, the company improves its balance sheet indicators, incl. economic profitability or ROA (return on assets)
  • By implementing cession transactions, the company reduces the workload of the Finance Department by implementing financial accounting in accordance with the new IFRS9 standard (less consumption of resources, fewer problem situations, fewer explanations, etc.)

If you want to start cooperation or you have questions about cooperation opportunities, please contact us:

OÜ GS Core
Reg.N 16183586
Jõe 2a, Tallinn 10151, Estonia
Ph +372 56858778
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